Fake News in the News?

China Central Television (CCTV), a state broadcaster of China, has been accused of repurposing footage from “Top Gun” as a news story about China’s air force training exercise, according to the Wall Street Journal. The event stirred my thought: is fake news news in China?

Broadcast on November 23rd, the story was on CCTV’s evening news. Local netizens quickly found out its striking similarities to the footage in the Hollywood movie. The story was then removed from the channel, unfortunately, no sooner than it had been copied.

Some might deem it as just another alleged news fakery in China since the use of fake news is so common in the country. China’s media industry apparently has very different values than that of the U.S.. If it is acceptable for a major state broadcaster like CCTV to use fake news, what could we expect more from the honesty of the country?

Despite China’s great efforts in improving the authenticity of its news story, it still has a long and difficult way to go. The country is facing extensive revolutions followed by its rapid developments. The open gate leaves the country no choice but have its values judged by the world.

As people around the world start to inspect the country through a magnify glass, it is important for them to learn how to have the breadth of mind to embrace different perspectives and cultures.

However, China should realize that when it comes to building on relationships, one deserves respect only when it shows respect to others. It might seem like the country is left judging by the world; however, the world is also waiting to be accepted by China. To achieve mutual benefits, both China and foreign countries should work hard.

News fakery might not be news in current China, but the country could start from here to rebuild its credibility. How do we know that in the coming years, news fakery might actually be news in China?

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Carol Chia Lee is a first-year graduate student who majors in Public Relations at University of Southern California. Gradated from the University of National ChengChi University, Carol earned her BA degree in Psychology in Taiwan. During her senior year in college, she was an exchange student to Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, France. Having experienced very different journey in the Europe, Carol decided to pursue her advance study in the States to better embrace diverse cultures.
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One Response to Fake News in the News?

  1. meifong says:

    This is incredibly funny–and must be quite mortifying for CCTV. Some execs there must be taking the highway to the danger zone..

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