Li Gang’s son was sentenced to prison for six years

“Sue me if you dare. My father is Li Gang”. These words receive more attention on Internet in China than you could imagine. Li Gang is a deputy director of the Baoding Public Security Bureau. Li Qiming, the son of Li Gang, who killed a girl on campus of Heibei University after drunken driving, shouted these word at the scene of this accident in order to escape the punishment. According to Global Times, Li Qiming was sentenced to prison fro six years.

The girl killed in this accident is named Chen Xiaofeng. She is a student majored in MBA in Heibei University. She was playing skating on campus when suddenly hit by a black Magotan. The victim’s family received 460,000 yuan ($69,888) in compensation from Li’s father before Wangdu People’s Court in Hebei Province heard the case on January 26. The family is too impoverished to engage a lawyer, and a Beijing-based lawyer volunteered to present the family on court. The Wangdu People’s Court sentenced Li Qiming to prison for six years. The victim’s family now has no further plan to lodge an appeal.

According to Regulation on the Implementation of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Road Traffic, Hit-and-run behaviors which has caused death should be sentenced to prison for more than 7 years. Chen Lin, the victim’s brother, said he will never forgive Li. “No amount of compensation or imprisonment can bring my sister back,” Chen said.

Neither Li Gang nor Li Qiming is not “famous”, however, Li Gang’s son is famous for being the son of Li Gang. Even under the great pressure from media and public, Li Qiming did not receive the punishment he deserves. In face of authority, legislations and human rights seem ridiculously vulnerable. Should we take being killed by drunken driving for granted just because our fathers’ name are not “Li Gang”?

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Shuang An is a first year graduate in Public Relations at USC Anneberg School. She has a BA in Chinese Language and Literature. She is interested in management of new emerging media.
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