Fight for Justice: China’s Most Conscientious Journalist Wang Keqin

“If the newspaper is too clear, the society will be too dirty.”

——Wang Keqin, chief reporter with China Economics Times

The infamous “hit-and-run” case finally had a verdict with Li gang’s son sentenced in jail for six years. As the public feel somewhat relieved, one person should not be ignored for his in-depth investigation and report that tremendously accelerated the process to an appropriate judgment. He is China’s best-known investigative journalist Wang Keqin.

From a propagandist to a a role as a watchdog, Wang’s  experience echoes China’s mainstream media. He began by writing propaganda stories for a local media and later worked with Gansu Economic Daily in western China. After uncovering the inside story of a fraudulent securities company in 2001, he was hired by the Beijing-based China Economics Times as a chief reporter, where he continued the tough road of fighting for justice and fairness.

From the monopoly of Taxi industry in Beijing to AID epidemic in the Henan province, from Dingzhou’s villagers death to Shanxi’s deadly vaccines, Wang broke a string of stories that have earned him renown, but also death threats from criminals and wrath from officials. He was “China’s most expensive reporter” by 2001- not a reference to his salary or lifestyle, but to the price put on his head for exposing illegal dealings in local financial market.

“If you are indifferent, you don’t deserve being a journalist,” Wang told Southern Weekend in an interview. He has aways been dedicated to uncovering the truth and defensing common people’s rights and dignities. He firmly believed that only if facing the reality and conflicts bravely, can the society realize real harmony;hiding the truth will only foster more corruptness.

In a country where citizens have few ways to hold those with power, reliable reporting has become all the essential. Tackling issues few reporters dared to touch, Wang fights like a warrior at the frontline of the journalistic field. Actually what he has done is more than journalism, but the fulfillment of conscience. I have to say Wang keqin has already become a symbol of courage and truth that inspires not only other journalists, but also each ordinary citizen to pursue justice bravely.

About juankang

Juan (Tracy) Kang received Bachelor degrees from both Sichuan University in China and Eastern New Mexico University in the United States. As a journalism student in college, she worked with the Student Publication The Chase for two years writing over 40 pieces news and editorials. Tracy is currently a graduate student majoring in Strategic public relations at University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. Tracy is always passionate about life and believes the beauty of life is in its uncertainties. She lives for exploring, loving and dreaming, and never hesitates for trying out new things and moving forward.
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