China transportation will see post-holiday peak

Chinese railway and highway transportation will embrace the post-holiday peak in the coming week. Since the seven-day holiday for Spring Festival comes to an end, people who took a trip home in small towns are preparing to return to big cities they work in.

The Ministry of Railways said on its website that there had been a sharp rise in the number of travelers leaving smaller cities on Monday bound for such places as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It also says that the passengers number on Tuesday will probably mark the peak this year.

The influx of transportation began on Saturday night and on next day the pressure intensified. The railway company organized additional workers to facilitate the flow of people through Railway Stations in big cities. Another 38.6 million travelers made Spring Festival trips on Sunday on buses and ships, according to the Ministry of Transport.

According to National Meteorological Center of China, there will be widespread rain and snow to the southern part of China from Wednesday to Friday. The Ministry of Railways has asked its local branches to prepare for the coming bad weather.

According to Global Times, China’s railways moved about 77.3 million passengers during the first 15-day period, which ran from Jan 19 to Feb 2, the Ministry of Railways reported.

I think the big transportation pressure, in essence, comes from the uneven development between the urban and rural areas. A bunch of people from small towns choose to stay in big cities to seek for better career developments and living environment. Therefore, they have to squeeze their way on the train to get back home during Spring Festival every year. In fact, the unbalanced developments between the rural and urban areas also caused other problems, such as the influx of people, the rising housing price and the shortage of natural resources in big cities. China still have a long way to go before everybody can have same opportunity no matter where they were born.

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Shuang An is a first year graduate in Public Relations at USC Anneberg School. She has a BA in Chinese Language and Literature. She is interested in management of new emerging media.
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