Bob Pickard, Asia-Pacific Area president & CEO of Burson-Marsteller,

Bob Pickard is the Asia-Pacific Area president & CEO, at Burson-Marsteller, which is a public relations agency owned by London-based WPP Group with 58 wholly-owned and 45 affiliated offices in 59 countries across six continents. He is a leader of a 19 office Asia-Pacific operation spanning seven countries and employing more than500 professionals. The firm also has 11 affiliate offices across eight countries in the region.

“Bob Pickard is an international public relations executive with two decades of experience focused on providing communications counsel for senior decision-makers.” said My LinkedIn profile. Bob Pickard enjoys a global reputation in the PR industry for business-building entrepreneurialism and mastery of the commercial dimensions of the profession by inspiring top talent who deliver superior quality.

Pickard defines his own role as a managing director who practices knowledge management, which is “Edelman University”. In Bob’s opinion, the public relations industry evolves rapidly to the changing currents of international economic development as well as to the advancements in the internet and IT industries.  As a result, it is of tremendous importance that such changes are effectively detected and adapted. Otherwise, PR practioners will lose the competitive edge in the industry. In light of this landscape, Pickard has taken the initiative and set up a highly effective knowledge management system in his office.

Pickard has also worked as Vice President at Hill & Knowlton Canada in 1990’s. He founded the agency’s technology practice in Canada and led the firm’s largest

account team (Microsoft). His team Specialized in international communications, including client projects in Brazil (at the United Nations Earth Summit) and South Korea (global PR via satellite at Seoul for a major energy sector announcement).

Graduated from Queen’s University with a BA in Political Studies in 1988

Bob Pickard had given guest lecture at universities and colleges in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Korea, and Hong Kong. He is also Prime Minister of Queen’s Model Parliament and member of Queen’s Debating Union. He had traveled to 40 nations and all 50 US states.

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Shuang An is a first year graduate in Public Relations at USC Anneberg School. She has a BA in Chinese Language and Literature. She is interested in management of new emerging media.
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