And The Numbers Continue to Grow

A preliminary estimate announced by the National Bureau of Statistics states that China’s population has increased to 1.341 billion people—a 6.3 million jump from last year. Yes, this number is growing but at a much more slower rate than in previous years. It seems like the “one child” policy is finally paying off but are these figures solely a result of the “one-child” policy that was implemented in 1981 or are there any other factors contributing to it?

The last census in 2000 reported China’s population at an estimated 1.295 billion. A more accurate number is set to be published in April, once the government is done calculating all the figures.

Despite this increase in population, the report states that China’s energy consumption dropped per unit of GDP by 4%. This overall improvement was a lot lower than in 2009. However, China seems to really be trying to meet their energy efficiency targets in the battle against global warming. Coal and electricity consumption both increased in 2010.

It should be interesting to see how these numbers compare once the U.S. releases all of its results from its 2010 Census. It should also be interesting to see in the years to come if China will make any changes to their “one-child” policy—possibly a “two-child” policy in the future?

China currently holds the title for the world’s largest population and by the looks of it—it is not going to change anytime soon. They are making progress towards the control of its population but it is happening a little slow. It should be interesting to see which country will be the next to hold this title. Also, how long will it take for another country to take this title?

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