Rose Luqiu, the Battlefield Rose

picture from Rose Luqiu's Sina Weibo, all rights reserved.

Rose Luqiu, a 2007 Harvard Nieman Fellow, is an executive news editor of Phoenix Satellite Television, which is a Hong Kong-based television broadcaster. She is best known for being fearless in her pursuit of news, often travelling into the heart of war zones. She is the first Chinese journalist to report from the Afghanistan and Iraq war zones, which is why people often call her “Battlefield Rose”.

Born in Shanghai in 1969, Rose grew up under her grandmother’s care. Her parents’ divorce at her very young age makes her become independent and self-reliant. Also, she performed very well in her academic tests, which earned her enrolment at the Second Secondary School attached to East China Normal University, which is Shanghai’s best middle school. It was during this period of time that Rose’s journalistic potential became apparent.

In 1988, Rose became a student in the Department of Philosophy at Shanghai’s prestigious Fudan University. During her four-year’s college life, Rose did several part-time jobs, including working at a foreign company and as a waitress in the Blue Heart Café.

In an interview with the China Boom Project, Rose talked about the early years in her career. After graduating from Fudan University in 1992, her job search was directed towards foreign companies and joint venture enterprises, because at that time, comparatively speaking, the pay at joint venture enterprises was the highest, and it doesn’t require backdoor influence or connections.

Her first job was going to be at DHL, because the pay was high and there was a lot of freedom. And she thought that in the future if she wanted to go to America and other countries to study, this would give her a very good foundation. But at graduation, she suddenly changed her mind. She gave up the job at DHL and went to Shenzhen to look for a job, because at that time, Shenzhen was a mysterious city to her. It was in Shenzhen that she realized that doing business was not suitable for her. In the end, she took a job at a joint venture enterprise PriceWaterhouse, where she worked as an auditor.

After marrying a Hong Kong resident, Rose moved to Hong Kong in 1995, where she decided to pursue a different career – journalism, which has always interested her. In order to measure up to the skills that a good journalist needs, Rose decided to pursue further study and enrolled for postgraduate study at the Department of Communication Studies in Hong Kong Baptist University, and at the same time, worked at a Taiwan TV station. Later, Rose went with the leader in the Taiwan TV station and joined the Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV.

During the Afghanistan war in 2001, Rose was the first to apply for going to Afghanistan to report, a move that won her commendation from former Premier Zhu Rongji. Also, in 2003, Rose volunteered to report in Iraq, which won her the name of “Battlefield Rose”.

As an editor-in-chief, Rose is also keen on writing blogs, microblogs, as well as columns.

Recently, Rose released her new book Bufen Dongxi.

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