Deputies of NPC ≠ Representatives of People

At the beginning of the conference, the deputies sing the national song together.

At this time of every year, the Two Conferences, the National People’s Congress and the National People’s Political Consultative Conference will be held in Beijing. Be elected as the representatives of all Chinese people, the deputies are supposed to raise proposals from their specific perspective to help promote economical construction and the quality of people’s life. However, in recent years, Chinese people’s trust in the deputies is fading away.

According to the Electoral Law of People’s Republic of China, every Chinese citizen enjoys the right to be elected as the deputies of the Two Conferences; while the deputies have to perform the obligations like attending conferences on time and raising high-quality proposals. However, currently, most of the deputies are assigned by local governments, majorly made up of officials, entrepreneurs and celebrities. Though we should admit that they are part of Chinese people, they still cannot on behalf of all Chinese citizens. Comparing to the public, they have different standpoints and different interests, which could not ensure their representativeness.

Another reason of the image of the deputies getting bad is, the deputies didn’t perform their obligations well. The deputies are supposed to communicate with all kinds of citizens and report their voices to the central government. But now, since the deputies are formed by officials, entrepreneurs and celebrities who are always busy, they totally have no time to collect opinions from the public. What’s worse, some even do not show up at the conferences. The famous hurdle athlete, Liu Xiang, was criticized by the public of his continuous absence in the conferences.

A negative result of such conditions is the low quality of deputies’ proposals. Some do not know the needs of the public, some do not tell the truth for the fear of political retaliation. A large part of the deputies choose to raise the proposals that make no sense. Some proposals are even viewed as stupid and ridiculous by the public. Li Danyang, a famous singer, advised that the government should force the public to use real names on Micro-Blog, which is the Chinese version of Twitter. This proposal aroused the public’s anger. People view it as a rude violation of freedom of speech. A deputy of the NPC in Guangxi Province, Liu Qingning, advised that the complainants should be arrested because they interfered the governors’ normal work. The public feel this proposal incredible, for the positioning of Chinese governors, according to the Constitution of the PRC, should be People’s Public Servants.

From the negative side of the Two Conference, it is obvious that Chinese Traditional Officialdom Standard Thought is still influential in the current Chinese society. As the Chinese often say, the Chinese socialist political civilization, still has a long way to go.

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Shuze Chen is a full time graduate student at SPR, Annenberg, USC. He comes from Jiangsu, China. He did his undergraduate in Advertising, Nanjing University.
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