Sarah Chin- Vice President of GolinHarris Shanghai Office

Recognized as one of “PR’s Faces to Watch” by MEDIA in April 2007, Sarah Chin has definitely made her mark in the Public Relations industry. A native of Taiwan, Chin began her career with the Taiwan office of GolinHarris in the area of Consumer PR in 2002 and immediately sparked a buzz with her creativity and strategic insight. Her talent did not go unnoticed, as she received the 2003 PR Week Award for Young PR Professional of the Year.

In 2004, Sarah Chin learned of the promise that China had to offer for the PR industry after Diane Wu, the previous managing director of GolinHarris in Taiwan, expressed her vision for the agency in China. This prompted Chin to make the move to Shanghai to take on the PR industry in China, a venture in which she was extremely successful. She served as the practice leader for GolinHarris’ food and beverage department in China and was consistently recognized as a strong contributor to the team.

While Chin led the food and beverage practice which was launched in late 2007, GolinHarris experienced great success in expansion and securing new clients. After securing accounts with Coca-Cola and Unilever in Spring 2009, Sarah Chin was immediately promoted as the director of the Shanghai office. Chin’s familiarity with the language and deep roots in the region have given her an advantage in the Chinese PR industry and she continues to prove herself as a extremely valuable asset to GolinHarris. Sarah Chin was recently promoted to the position of Vice President and General Manager of the GolinHarris Shanghai office in December of 2010.

As the Vice President and General Manager, Sarah Chin manages business operations, and continues to utilize her expertise in creative strategy to expand the consumer marketing and food and beverage practices nationally. Clients such as Coca Cola, Unilever, Zespri New Zealand Kiwifruit, General Mills, Lee Kum Kee and Semir, among many others have benefitted from Chin’s creativity and insight.

Sarah Chin has made major strides in her career and has contributed greatly to the Public Relations industry in China. She is definitely someone that we will want to keep our eye on in the future, as I am sure that the best is yet to come.

GolinHarris is a global public relations firm that provides strategy and execution for practices such as consumer marketing, corporate communications, digital/social media, corporate social responsibilty, and healthcare. Since its introduction in China in 2004, GolinHarris has earned its spot as Asia’s most respected and trusted public relations firms and continues to play a huge role in assisting local, regional and multinational corporations to establish their presence in the Asian business markets and expand businesses on a global scale.

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