Wanted: a panda


In ancient times, if China wants to build a good relationship with other countries, the king send his princess to marry the president of that country; nowadays, if China wants to build a good relationship, the president send pandas to that country. What if China did not send you a panda? No worries, you can rent one with either cash or credit card!

With wild pandas already almost extinct in their motherland, other nations can borrow a captive panda for 10 years at up to $1 million a year, a China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA) official confirmed.


Targeting at conversation, more than 30 pandas (10 percent all pandas in China) lived abroad last year. And the oversea pandas did contribute to their home country. The panda research bases in China has grown from 13 to 64 funded by the rent earnings. For foreign zoos, the temporary employee panda boost their visit numbers and enriches the species variety.

Meanwhile animals rights groups are protesting it. Since panda put a strict standard on living conditions and food, they could only survive in a carefully breeding captive program. Four pandas died last year abroad, two from wrong human wrongdoing.

Yang Yang, a rented panda in Zoo Atlanta, lost 10 kilometers due to climate and food in alien place. By the way, Yang Yang’s new employer—Zoo Atlanta contribute 1 million dollars to China in a continuous tent year contract.

After China exported its labor, its manufacture products, it has gone even further to export its animals. I did have a very hard time myself to adjust to the climate, food and culture in U.S when I first come here. I have no idea how a panda come across all the huge changes. But I am sure that pandas cannot book a ticket to fly back when it misses home.

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Shuang An is a first year graduate in Public Relations at USC Anneberg School. She has a BA in Chinese Language and Literature. She is interested in management of new emerging media.
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