Shenan Chuang’s “She” Era of Ogilvy &Mather Greater China

Shenan Chuang, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Greater China

In 2002, Ogilvy & Mather in Taipei planned to move into an independent building. Each floor of the 12-story building has much more men’s rooms than women’s rooms. What’s more, the men’s rooms are lighter and cozy, while the women’s rooms are darker with one little window. Shenan Chuang pointed out to the contractor that the number of female employees is more than twice the number of male employees in the company and that women spend a lot more time in the restroom. Thus, she asked the contractor to change the current men’s rooms into women’s rooms, and make the current women’s rooms men’s rooms.

Although we cannot get to the conclusion that Chuang is a feminist, she cares much about her role as a female leader. She emphasizes that gender could never be the barrier of success but opportunity and advantage. She has summarized the characteristics of seven extremely successful female entrepreneurs—full of feminine features, graceful manners, self-proven intentions, etc. Chuang is just like that. She is beautiful, glorious and confident among male leaders in the business battlefield. Many girls in Taiwan and the mainland admire her. She was considered as the best celebrity spokesperson of Ogilvy & Mather Greater China.

Chuang began her career in Ogilvy & Mather in Taipei, where she rose to the position of Chairman, Ogilvy Taiwan Group. Before that, she worked in some local PR firms in Taiwan. In 2003, she was assigned to Beijing. She transformed the company’s office from an old carpet factory on the outskirts of town into something modern and matching her vision for the company’s culture and work. She integrates creative teams from different disciplines within the company, which is called “Creative Floor.” By doing so, Chuang is aiming at fostering cooperation and teamwork by setting up regular forums for communication among senior and mid-level managers across different groups, including Advertising, OgilvyOne, OgilvyAction and Ogilvy PR.

Chuang believes that employees’ good performance is rooted in the culture of the company. She weighs more on personality than skills when she chooses new employees. She uses three “f-words” as the criteria for the best job—fun, fame and fortune. She puts “fun” at first because she believes that if you’re really interested in a certain job, you will overcome whatever difficulties you come across. She came to this conclusion from her own work experience. She had tried several jobs before she went into Ogilvy. None of them appealed to her, until she was ignited by her job at Ogilvy, where she was always excited to work and learn.

Last year, Chuang was awarded as the “Agency Head of The Year” by Campaign Asian Pacific. She continues to influence people by spreading the company’s culture—confidence, equality, creativity and fun. By moving from Taipei to Beijing, she also lives and proves her belief that no risk, no glory.

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Currently a grad student majoring in Public Relations at Annenberg School of University of Southern Califrornia. During 4-year undergraduate studies, Yang Lu did a double major in both English and International Journalism&Communication and a minor of Japanese in Beijing Foreign Studies University in China's Capital Beijing.
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