A truly global university: New York University starts work on “NYU Shanghai”

Universities over the years have rapidly ventured into China to get a slice of tasty oriental pie, from abroad programs, year abroad, collaborative projects and exchange programs. But no major educational institution gone so far as to create a full-fledged campus on the Mainland, until now.

Starting in 2013, New York University plans to open a complete campus on the Mainland. Christened “ NYU Shanghai”, the  campus will be able to offer full degrees.

In a joint effort between NYU and China Normal University (ECNU), one of the 16 National Key Universities in China, the two institutions hope “to cultivate innovative international talents” through sharing global resources and understanding of different cultures. The goal for the campus is to have 3,000 students, mostly undergraduates

While it is not a complete novelty for universities to open full-fledged campuses (Temple has had its own joint campus in  Japan for 40 years and Yale is set to start a program in Singapore), NYU is the first major research university to open an abroad campus that confers degrees.

The decision to create a campus in China not only fortifies the fact that prestigious academic institutions view the  global experience not as an enhancement but as a pressing need. Previous university admissions mentality was to attract the best and brightest and retain them while allowing them to venture. Now, universities are seeing that they must solidify deep partnerships with countries abroad in order to remain relevant.

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