David Liu: the 50-year young man in Weber Shandwick

(Picture from David Liu’s blog http://www.davidliu.cn/, all rights reserved)

David Liu, also known as Xiping Liu in Chinese PR industry, is attributed to a decade of strong growth across Weber Shandwick’s China operations. He is the managing director of Weber Shandwick China and has served in the position for 11 years. In 2005, Weber Shandwick named David Managing Director of the Year, an honor to recognize outstanding achievement among global office leaders. In 2009, at the annual PR Festival of the Chinese Public Relations Association (CIPRA) in Beijing, the country’s leading industry association presented its top award, the ‘Industry Achievement Award’ to David Liu.

Other than David as a successful PR professional, he is also a young 50 years old in daily life, who is fun and always shows great interests in trendy stuff. Once in Weber Shandwick’s year-end party, he wore  Hello Kitty dress. The latest image of David Liu in party was role play Marinlyn Monroe, wearing a white dress and sexy tights. His extremely detail-oriented character doesn’t just affect his professional work, but also makes him to do laser facial treatment in order to minimize pores. He is still full of passion in both work and life.

David Liu began his career with Public Relations in 1999 after his 1o- year job in China Airline. And as a Taiwanese, he chose to go to Mainland China, which at that time PR industry was not mature yet but had great potential. David Liu is in charge of Company Communications as well as Consumer Goods Marketing. Now China has become world’s largest consumer goods market, David Liu has experienced with a large number corporate clients including MasterCard, Honeywell, Degussa, Boeing, American Airlines, The Bahamas Islands, Agilent Technologies, Microsoft, Symantec, L’Oreal, Swatch, Nike, etc. David Liu also brought Procter & Gamble to Weber Shandwick, serving more brands than any other agency, including: SK-II, Max Factor, Crest, Pampers, Pantene, Vidal Sassoon, Anna Sui and all P&G fragrance brands.

David Liu also is an active blogger and Weibo user, writing about trends, fashion, fun stuff and PR related information.

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