China Plays an Important Role in Japan’s Tourism Recovery

Ever since China overtook Japan as the No.2 economy in the world, the world has been hectically discussing about the economic issues between the two countries. The March 11 earthquake and tsunami has even taken the topic to an extreme.

The Japanese official said China is important in helping Japan’s tourism to recover from the unprecedented crisis caused by this horrible natural disaster, according to People’s Daily Online. With the complicated relationships between the two countries, would Japan be able to find a way to attract Chinese tourists again?

It definitely won’t be an easy task for Japan.

In China, the government is very influential to the public. To convince Chinese people the safety of traveling in Japan, it is imperative for the country to corporate with Chinese government. However, in view of the political and economic issues between the countries, it would take Japan great efforts to work with the government.

Besides, Japan’s radiation crisis has sparked fears in China, causing concerns and panics in the country (check out panic salt-buying in China and China bans some food from Japan for more details.) Recently, Chinese officials just expanded a ban on imports of food from Japan to express its concerns over the country’s radiation-contaminated problem. Chinese people are not only well aware of the issue, but also are deeply influenced by it.

While it is easy for people to believe in a crisis event in China, it is not easy for them to get the correct message during and after the crisis. Not only because Chinese people have less sources of information except from the government, but also because they tend to believe in information without further confirmation. Therefore, unless Japan can get the Chinese government involved, it would be extremely difficult for it to regain the trust of Chinese people.

Natural disaster recovery is always challenging and difficult, but it is not impossible. For Japan, the case just becomes even tougher since China is involved.

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Carol Chia Lee is a first-year graduate student who majors in Public Relations at University of Southern California. Gradated from the University of National ChengChi University, Carol earned her BA degree in Psychology in Taiwan. During her senior year in college, she was an exchange student to Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, France. Having experienced very different journey in the Europe, Carol decided to pursue her advance study in the States to better embrace diverse cultures.
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