It Takes Courage to Eat Vegetables

Home-grown vegetables have been contaminated by radioactivity, largely Iodine-131

According to the report issued by China’s ministry of health, home-grown food has been contaminated by radioactivity, largely Iodine-131.

Yang Guoshan, a researcher of radiation medical science at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, said people could safely eat products that contain low levels of Iodine-131.

“The radiation level is so low that residents don’t need to spend any extra effort on cleaning them,” he said.

The amount was one to three thousandths of the legal limit stipulated in China’s national radiation safety standard, the official Xinhua news agency said, citing the National Nuclear Emergency Coordination Committee.

However, people are tired of hearing this kind of statement, since food safety has become a severe issue in China now.

According to health experts, radioactive iodine can accumulate in humans once ingested in high concentrations and increases the risk of thyroid cancer.Leafy vegetables grown in the open like spinach, lettuce and leek are among the first foods to be tainted by radioactive deposits.

Chen Jicang, a vegetable dealer in Beijing, said on Wednesday that concerns are growing among consumers, businesses and governments across the world.

To pursue a healthy life, lots of people are eating more vegetables, yet radiation found in vegetables will result in panic. What can we eat right now in China to keep healthy? The answer is hard to give.

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  1. Kristie says:

    It’s quite unfortunate that residents can’t even go to the market and buy the basic food without having to worry about food safety. The Chinese government should really get their act together to please their people before it escalates to something else.

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