An auditor in PwC died from overwork

Pan Jie, 25, a PwC auditor died on Sunday of acute cerebral meningitis

An entry-level auditor at the Shanghai office of PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC) died of acute cerebral meningitis, sparking public debate and media attention. Most of netizens believe that work fatigue contributed to the young lady’s death.

Pan Jie, 25, died on Sunday of acute cerebral meningitis, which is caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Symptoms include severe headache and fever.

“Based on her symptoms and her low white blood cell count, it’s reasonable to conclude that overwork led to a weakened immune system, which makes her more vulnerable to infections,”said Dr Wang Guisong, an expert in the neurosurgery department at Renji Hospital.

The statement was denied by a PwC Shanghai official in an interview with a TV station in Shanghai, yet Pan’s friends still believe overwork was partly to blame for her death.

Pan’s friend, Yu, said Pan had told her before she died that she had been working up to 18 hours a day and about 120 hours a week. One of Pan’s colleagues, a senior-level auditor at PwC, told Shanghai Daily 100-hour work weeks were common in recent months as it was peak auditing season.

They said Pan did well in school. She entered Shanghai Jiao Tong University at the age of 16 and completed two master’s degrees. PwC hired Pan in September. She worked hard and was looking forward to gaining experience at PwC.

Pan seemed to be aware something was wrong Before the tragedy. On March 31, Pan wrote on her microblog: “Whenever there’s a chance to take a break, a fever comes. My body, I am at a loss whether I should praise you for being understanding or just the opposite.”

One of the most striking comments on her microblog was a post about the death of an auditor from KPMG, another global auditing firm, this year.

“I can accept overtime. I can also accept out-of-town business trips. But on learning a young worker died from fatigue at kp (KPMG), I feel something has broken my bottom line to endure,” she wrote.

When Chinese youngsters are struggling for life, and working day and night to achieve their dreams, one thing should never be forgotten as Chairman Mao once said: The body is the capital of revolution(身體是革命的本錢).

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Meng Tian holds a B.A. from Peking University, China, in Broadcasting and Television, and a double degree in Economics. She is currently a first-year M.A. candidate in SPR program at Annenberg School of Journalism. Her motto is: Believe in fate, but never bend it over. Follow her on Twitter:meng1218.
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6 Responses to An auditor in PwC died from overwork

  1. Adam Macer says:

    All work and no play makes.. you dead?

    Max’ shame on PWC for expecting anyone to work more than 80, let alone 100, let alone an inhuman 120 hours a week..

  2. Nabeinaga says:

    Nabei cb. She gets OT pay, PwC did not force her.

  3. Garfield says:

    She is so pretty, but die so young….

  4. Wilson says:

    I worked 18 hours a day too!! Everyday I’m feeling dizzy and headache!! I’m a human!! I’m a professional but I’m not a machine!! Audit firm during peak seasons only care about their clients and making profit without caring of their audit staff!!

    I’m a auditor in KPMG

  5. Notorious says:

    Rest in peace little 1 but don’t worry its global PwC thing even here in the middle east

  6. Notorious says:

    Well after all if some1 is stupid enough to be an auditor for more than a year or 2 most probably deserves what managers and partners do to him and his health but definitely not death
    RIP Kiddo

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