Chinese People’s Victory! Death Penalty to Yao Jiaxin!药家鑫一审判决死刑!

Words from victim‘s family: “Punish the killer severely!”

According to, Yao Jiaxin (药家鑫) was found guilty of intentional killing and was judged to be executed death penalty, which is the judgment of the first trial court on April. 22th.

Yao Jiaxin is currently a third year student of Xi’an Conservatory of Music. He drove and hit a lady Zhang Miao (张妙) on Oct.10th, 2010. When he found the victim was trying to record the car number, he killed Zhang Miao with a knife for fear of compensation. For more details of Yao Jiaxin case, click here.

Majority Chinese citizens are glad to see that the Chinese judicial system didn’t shield the upper-class or ignore the appealing of normal citizens. But there are still people worrying about the first judgment is only a temporary pacification and Yao would get milder punishment in later judgments.

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Shuze Chen is a full time graduate student at SPR, Annenberg, USC. He comes from Jiangsu, China. He did his undergraduate in Advertising, Nanjing University.
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