Shanghai Auto Show opens: the largest ever

(Picture from Xinhuanet, all rights reserved)

After two days of media’s preview, Shanghai Auto Show opens to public on this Thursday. According to official statistics, 150,000 visitors visited the show on the first public day and have reached 700,000 visitors so far. The show is upstaging the New York Auto Show.

2,000 automakers from 20 countries participate in the show. Visitors are especially interested in luxury cars, people waited in a 500-meter long line to see some luxury brands such as Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and   Maserati. Two decades ago, Chinese people went out with bicycles; now, bosses of luxury auto makers choose to stay in China when Shanghai Auto Show and New York Auto Show are overlapping. With the purchasing power is getting stronger, China has become the largest car market as well as the driving force of luxury car consumption. International automakers makes ambitious plan in Chinese market.

Another theme of Shanghai Auto Show is cars go green. According to Xinhua News Agency, Chinese automakers have unveiled their ambitious environment-friendly car. The show showcases about 45 models of new environment-friendly vehicles – hybrid, electric and fuel cell – from both local and foreign automakers. An experimental program of driving greener vehicles has been carried out in 25 cities across the country. And buyers of green vehicles in five cities, including Shanghai, Changchun, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Hefei, receive subsidies as high as 120,000 yuan from both the central and local governments. Feng Xiao, dean of the China-Germany Engineering College of Tongji University, predicted that alternative fuel vehicles ‘will hopefully account for five to ten percent of the entire auto market within three to five years.’

Every time when Shanghai Auto Show opens, it not only showcases cars, but also auto show models. On major forums and University BBS, auto show visitors post series of pictures of auto show models. And netizens will generate huge amount of comments, discussing who is good looking. This time, a male model of Lotus attracts the whole country’ women’s eye. A Weibo of his picture has been retweeted more than 5,000 times so far.

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Meng (Elyse) Wang is a double-degree master student studying Global Media and Communications at University of Southern California and London School of Economics. Meng received her B.A. in Broadcasting Journalism from Fudan University based in Shanghai, China. During 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Meng worked as an intern in Phoenix TV, editing and dubbing daily program. When she was a sophomore, she spent two months living and working in Tibet, made a documentary about the losing culture of Tibetan Wine. Meng had abundant experience of interacting with people from diverse cultures. In 2007 she received full scholarship of a multi-cultural program called The Scholar Ship, beginning her cruise-based trip around the world. In the journey she studied intercultural communication and travelled around the world with 200 other students from more than 35 countries. The ship departed from Hong Kong, went to more than 10 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.
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