PR Internship Journal – I. Ask For More

‘Ask for more’, once a popular soft drink slogan, now cannot be more suitable to describe what I have been coming through in the past three weeks. Internship is never about ‘il dolce far niente’, is all about ‘ask for more’… more tasks, more challenges, more out of comfort zone and last but not the least, more self-reflection.

Who does not want to live a life as Thoreau and immerse in transcendentalist philosophy? However, as a future PR practitioner, I put a stop to this daydream and got down to work.

  • When get assignment done, why not ask for more?

During my first days at internship, all my synapses were zinging in distress, looking for a task. Every time I found I am kind of ‘have nothing to do’, I just asked my colleagues if they need a hand. As a short-term result, my efficiency was approved.

  • Passion matters.  

Happy or not mainly depends on how you define pleasure. If you think a career is worth fighting for, and meanwhile you feel happy to do it, then you are more likely to succeed.I intern in a top sport marketing agency with its headquarter in London, so most of them are British.  The first thing I found here is that they all enjoy what they are doing. They are passion about rugby, golf, soccer…you name it. Passion is probably not everything, but at least is something.

  • Each day, I ponder over what I can contribute to the team and what I have learnt from them.

As the only one who speaks mandarin in our office, I contributed to the media list database, since I can easily search out the information on the Chinese-only website.  It’s far from over; to communicate with sport journalists from mainland is another thing that I will follow up with. In the meantime, I not only grabbed a big picture about how the sports industry works, but learnt a lot from my communication account director, who is once a journalist from SCMP.

  • More out of comfort zone.

As an introvert person, I always need to take longer time to be familiar with others. However PR do not necessarily equals to talkative, it do require strong interpersonal skills. In a small agency like the one I am interning in, frequent communication is a must. Thus I usually remind myself to be open to share P.O.Vs and feel free to ask questions.

Let me just write down a comma here, to be continued…

About mengt

Meng Tian holds a B.A. from Peking University, China, in Broadcasting and Television, and a double degree in Economics. She is currently a first-year M.A. candidate in SPR program at Annenberg School of Journalism. Her motto is: Believe in fate, but never bend it over. Follow her on Twitter:meng1218.
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