PR Internship Journal II – Put what you learnt into practice

Facing the cut-throat competition in the PR arena, one cannot survive without ‘working and studying,’ which means, in order to keep pace with things happened within and out of the industry and achieve higher goals, PR professionals must continue learning throughout their career. One thing impressed me during the half-done internship is that colleagues in our company have frequent training sessions and courses. This drove me to a self-reflection about how and in what extent I can put what I learnt in Annenberg into practice. Several steps are necessary to convert book-smart into work-smart.

The brain storm session that I attended last week drew a sketch about how the creative ideas come out. I guess no Annenberg PR candidate is stranger to it, since it is an essential  part in each time’s group project. Unlike the famous ‘strategic planning model,’ which is written  in a detailed way, straightforwardness and conciseness are valued in the brain storm.  The organiser quickly wrote down some bullet points that each mentioned on the white board and other partakers may give some P.O.Vs about the idea and further discuss on them.  In Annenberg, we are more often encouraged to sparkle out some big ideas, however, in the real world as I am interning in, we need to consider practical methods and estimate the ROI.

Working in office, the same with learning in school, they both need doing research. I once misunderstood the PR industry, thinking that PR is mainly about networking and pitching, however they are big parts of PR, they are not all. The client of our agency is a leading bank, which referring to Professor Mei, ‘‘in a small agency whose the main client is only ONE, the client is your boss’’.  Yep, I should do some homework about our client, instead of just putting head down, doing some taxing detailed work. A 360° view is the key to future success.

There is no crystal ball showing how the industry will be running in the next 20 years, however, as my own boss, what I can do now is not only to know how & know why, yet more importantly, to put them into practice.

About mengt

Meng Tian holds a B.A. from Peking University, China, in Broadcasting and Television, and a double degree in Economics. She is currently a first-year M.A. candidate in SPR program at Annenberg School of Journalism. Her motto is: Believe in fate, but never bend it over. Follow her on Twitter:meng1218.
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