Rich 20-year-old Boaster Damaged China Red Cross’ Weak Reputation

Nobody on Chinese Internet can escape this topic – Guo Meimei. It is the hottest topic this week – perfect combination of gossip and politics.

Yes. China Red Cross (separate entity from International Red Cross organization) can be seen as a political function in China. It is not an NGO. As the largest charity organization run by the state, China Red Cross (CRC) fundraises as other NPOs do for charity purpose, but it does not disclose financial affairs as it is a basic requirement for NPO. CRC has long been doubted for the usage of its charity fund including its expenditure for management.

Earlier this week, a 20-year-old girl nicknamed Guo Meimei Baby was put into the center of discussion because of flaunting all her riches (luxury cars, designer bags and high-end cosmetics). A 20-year-old, not having a rich parent, started to have all her wealth three months ago. All her sudden wealth is connected to a non-profit organization, China Red Cross, and its senior management. She claims to the general manager of Red Cross Commerce, which claimed to be handling advertising for Red Cross on vehicles. But later, all the sayings were denied. Rumors came up about her relationship with CRC Vice-President and a private company, which has a business relationship with CRC.

Three days after the exposure of this issue, China Red Cross and the involved private company Tianlue declared on CRC website denying the accused problem, saying they don’t know a girl named Guo Meimei. However, a lot of evidence collected on the Internet demonstrates the undisconnectable relationship. As the web master started to take control of discussion on this topic, people tended to believe more firmly the existence of the relationship between Guo Meimei and CRC.

Unlike Red Cross overseas, CRC is a governmental organization since its staff are listed in the state-institutional personnel. For a long time, it has been doubted for its abuse of charity fund and its secret financial statement. Now a brat young woman put CRC into trouble again. Public’s discontent toward it was triggered again. A lot of people expressed that no matter who Guo Meimei is, one thing for sure is that they will no longer donate to CRC.

But here comes another problem: Who else can we donate to except CRC, which has no rival in China?

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Wancheng is a master candidate in Strategic Public Relation in Annenberg USC. She holds a B.A. in journalism in China's Fudan University. She is interested in Chinese social, economic issues and wishes to explore the unfamiliar field of corporate public relations.
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