Power at the Top

The task of daily media monitoring for Hong Kong’s English news publications every morning has been an unexpected blessing for me as I find myself more informed on world issues that make up for the lack of news reading for the past few years. As ignorant as it is to admit, who knew articles on oil companies or venture capitals could be interesting?

One of the surprises I have had formatting media coverage for clients in these past weeks is connecting dots and figuring out how conglomerates have influence on every continent. How they monitor every movement of their competitors on a daily basis. And how some are able to tightly control the media.

Through reading about corporate giants buying out or partnering with small companies around the world makes me realize how small the world is. What it means for a company to hold a monopoly over an entire industry and the power they wield as a result of it.
I have thought of the world as a vast land but could not fathom the whole place being run by a few wealthy people at the top. Reading daily about mergers, buying, selling, and billions and billions of dollars in transactions has made me more aware of the influence people at the top of corporations or governments have.

Scary to think about.

About Alice Wang

Considered a modern hippie by her friends, Alice Wang spent her formative undergraduate years at UC Davis doing interpretive dance to Britney Spears with her roommate and withstanding gawking from her friends for wearing offensive seatbelt strapped sandals from REI around town. Although she was an Animal Biology, Alice has loved the idea of being a journalist, of exposing or bringing to light raw truths. Blessed with a mom who loves to travel, she recently stayed on an ecolodge in the Brazilian Pantanal, floated on a boat through Malaysian rainforest and just returned from a two week trip to Egypt. Some of her fondest memories were spent soaked in sweat tracking bats in Taipei where she overindulged in street food, the dirtier the better. During her tours through these areas she developed an interest for the environment, human rights and how religion and tradition influence culture and lifestyle, particularly Muslim culture. With a love for novel experiences and thirst to know the details about everything, Alice hopes to parlay her travels and desire for deep human connection into a career journalistic blogging. Follow Alice Wang on twitter @wangwawang
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