My Internship Summary

Time flies as I expect. Only three days to go before leaving Hong Kong. The city is great. I especially love the super convenient MTR. People always talk about the food here. But honestly, comparing with Mainland, it is nothing! So… Shanghai welcomes you:)

Have to say, it is the best internship ever. I did several internships in media and in one marketing consultancy, but none of them was so well organized and fulfilling than this one. Thanks to Annenberg’s arrangement.

At the beginning, I was arranged to the HR department of this super big company. So though it’s HR, it is composed of over 60 people, including a team in charge of all training programs, and it is where I am working.

But doing training programs is not that related to my major. In the first month of my internship, I was doing project-related assignments such as making powerpoint slides, excel worksheet and editing slides, excel worksheets, etc. Sometimes they used my major advantage to write some communication emails.

The internship was not busy, even kind of boring, in the first month, although I believe I had done great effort to solicit assignments. They did give me some assignments, not many. But I always finished them so quickly that I easily ran out of assignments.

One month after, the company’s corporate communication department came to me and asked me to help them writing stories about customer service. My work completely changed. I started contacting employees for interview, calling them, talking to them and writing down what they said into articles.

Three weeks before the end of my internship, my supervisor asked me to her office and pushed me, “Now you have 14 days left, so do 28 interviews, two interviews a day.” It seemed like a “mission impossible”, but I was really excited. Of course, they helped me a lot getting interviewees. I used all methods of interview, email, phone call and face-to-face talk. I was really satisfied about the number because I finally submitted 20 articles within two weeks. People emailed me and expressed their excitement to see their stories and photos on the company’s intranet.

The first thing I fear about internship is staying in the office but doing nothing. I really didn’t want to spend my work time on Facebook and I am so happy I didn’t. Today, my supervisor asked me to her office again and talked to me, “We finally get enough stories. My manager is happy now. You’ve done a great job.” That’s what I am looking for.

About wancheng

Wancheng is a master candidate in Strategic Public Relation in Annenberg USC. She holds a B.A. in journalism in China's Fudan University. She is interested in Chinese social, economic issues and wishes to explore the unfamiliar field of corporate public relations.
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