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Benjamin Gottlieb is an investigative reporter, photographer and multimedia journalist based in Los Angeles, California. Growing up alongside highway 101 in Sherman Oaks, California, Gottlieb got his start in journalism as the assistant editor of his high school publication, the Knightly Times. Gottlieb received his B.A. in Global and International Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2009, with an emphasis on Middle Eastern socioeconomics and politics, and a minor in Multimedia Writing. During his time at UC Santa Barbara, Gottlieb spent three years as a staff reporter and news editor for his school’s daily newspaper, the Daily Nexus. Gottlieb took First Place for Best Feature Story of 2007 in the California College Media Awards for his piece detailing a weekend with the school’s Army Reserve Officer’s Training Corps. Gottlieb has interned at both the Santa Barbara Daily Sound and the award-winning alternative weekly, the Santa Barbara Independent. He remains a contributing writer for the Independent, and has published pieces on offshore drilling, prison reform and the 2009 California budget crisis. Gottlieb is currently a Director’s Scholar at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, pursuing a Masters of Arts in Online Journalism. He is also the senior news editor for USC Annenberg Digital News, a reporter for USC Annenberg Radio News and contributes to through the One Square Mile project, an experiment in hyper-local reporting.

Prominent Chinese Blogger Arrested As Virtual Onslaught Continues

Chinese police formally arrested renowned blogger Ran Yunfei Monday on subversion charges for his alleged role in organizing pro-democracy uprisings in China. Ran is just one of the roughly 100 activists – many of whom are active on blogging sites … Continue reading

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Google Singles-Out The Chinese Government Yet Again For Censuring

China’s war with Google has made headlines yet again. After weeks of complaints, Google accused Chinese authorities today of interfering with its Gmail services in a way “carefully designed to look like the problem is with Gmail.” No, the site … Continue reading

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Chinese Government Continues Crackdown On Foreign Journalists

For foreign journalists in China, reporting the news just became even more bureaucratic, and perhaps dangerous. A newly enacted law now requires foreign journalists to obtain a Chinese government “stamp-of-approval” before interviewing a Chinese citizen. The measure is a complete … Continue reading

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Why is China Immune to Revolution?

As the wave of revolution continues to sweep across the Middle East, threatening to topple entrenched autocrats and regimes, the rest of the world braces for possible social upheaval. The so-called revolution fever, however, has yet to hit China. The … Continue reading

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Corruption Charges Hit China’s High-Speed Rail System

In the wake of China’s transportation nightmare during the Chinese New Year, the country’s rail system now faces even more scrutiny. China’s railways minister Liu Zhijun has been stripped of his job and is being investigated for corruption, according to … Continue reading

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Brazil Among the Newest Players in the U.S.-China Currency War

The newest installment of the U.S.-China currency war finally surfaced Monday. The gambit? U.S. exploitation of Brazilian interest in the appreciation of the yuan. In a meeting between the western hemisphere’s two largest nations in Brasilia, U.S. Treasury secretary Tim … Continue reading

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On the Eve of Davos, Problems on the Horizon for China in 2011

We’ve heard this argument before: China could be the next Japan. But what do economists and political theorists mean when they equate the economic downturn of Japan in the 1980s to the continual growth of the Chinese economy heading into … Continue reading

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Hu Jintao Discredits U.S. Dollar Before Presidential Visit

The US-China currency war is now as fierce as ever, as the two economic superpowers continue to disagree over China’s deliberate devaluation of the yuan versus the dollar. A day before his visit with U.S. President Barack Obama, Chinese President … Continue reading

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Edward Wong – New York Times Foreign Correspondent

As the economic model for journalism continues to transform, Edward Wong’s success with the New York Times serves as a constant reminder that there is no substitute for good reporting. An American born, award winning journalist, Wong currently reports from … Continue reading

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