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Cory Welsh is a progressive BA/Masters degree program participant at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, and received her B.A. in Communication in May 2011. After growing up in Ventura County, CA, Cory moved to Los Angeles in order to solidify her interest in facilitating relationships and organization through communication. Most recently, Cory served as the exhibitor relations coordinator for the 2011 LA Times Festival of Books. She is currently serving as a student intern at a renowned PR agency in Hong Kong, and will complete her Masters of Communication Management in December 2011.

Media Headliner of the Week: Dr. Simeon Mellalieu – Ketchum

Dr. Simeon Mellalieu is the General Manager of Ketchum  Hong Kong, the firm’s regional headquarters and central hub amongst Ketchum’s seven integrated locations within Greater China. Despite his extensive background and insight in public relations of all kinds, Mellalieu began … Continue reading

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Global Leader China Adds to Global Ad Sales

Booming economic success, global inter-connectivity and new consumer demands are shifting the simply human love of media messages – in the form of advertising – to new regions of the globe. Media site Campaign China reported Tuesday that China will … Continue reading

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China Learns an Inconvenient Truth

China is finally realizing the costs of its unrivaled social and economic expansion – through the effects on the region’s environment. Record levels of pollution, contamination, and green house gas emissions recently (to name a few) led China’s minister on … Continue reading

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Crossing cultures: Is Facebook inching closer to China?

American tech blog Mashable reported Wednesday that Facebook will open an ad sales division in Hong Kong to expand its impact in the Asian region. Though Facebook is still not accessible to users in China, it is permitted in Taiwan … Continue reading

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And We Thought LA was Polluted…

It appears that Hong Kong has yet to take a hint from the States regarding the adoption of efficient vehicles. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Hong Kong, the world’s most dense city when it comes to traffic, also … Continue reading

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Burn after Reading: Journalist ousted for speaking out?

Censorship may still be taking place in the Chinese media – in the form of political nudges and proactive individual removals. Vocal Shanghai news columnist Chang Ping was dismissed from the Southern Daily Group, according to the New York Times … Continue reading

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Disney Takes a Tip from Elasti-Girl

Do record marks in Hong Kong mean that Disney will succeed in Shanghai as well? Varied levels of success for Disney Parks & Resorts overseas have triggered skepticism over the years: would Disneyland Paris overcome its clash with European culture? … Continue reading

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