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Cyndrea Brown was born in Los Angeles, California, raised in Seattle, Washington and received her Bachelor's Degree in Communication from Washington State University. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Communication Management at the University of Southern California.

Small Chinese Entertainment Company has big plans

Independent entertainment company Juli Entertainment Co Ltd, has teamed up with China’s largest film group, China Film Group Corporation to co-produce at least 5 films annually, including one inspired by the American movie, Ocean’s 11. The plot will be original … Continue reading

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China- the happiest place on earth?

Maybe not, but with the ground set for construction of the long awaited Disneyland theme park, Chinese officials and citizens alike are bound to have a smile on their faces. After a decade of negotiations, plans have finally been set … Continue reading

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NYU makes its’ mark in Shanghai

China and the United States further collaborative efforts with the construction of a new jointly owned university in Shanghai. New York University (NYU) teamed up with East-China Normal University (ECNU) to create a new liberal arts and science college, NYU … Continue reading

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Salty? Surrender

After rumors of radiation from Japan prompted Chinese citizens to stock up on salt, these shoppers are now seeking a refund. Worried shoppers swarmed grocery stores last week in China, clearing the shelves of salt, with fears of the affects … Continue reading

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If it’s not broken, don’t fix it: Fragmentation- the secret to the Chinese Media Market.

Early 20th Century U.S media market techniques help China’s entertainment market flourish, according to Victor Koo, CEO of, the largest Chinese video site. In the 1940’s the U.S media market was fragmented, with no media giants dominating the market … Continue reading

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Sarah Chin- Vice President of GolinHarris Shanghai Office

Recognized as one of “PR’s Faces to Watch” by MEDIA in April 2007, Sarah Chin has definitely made her mark in the Public Relations industry. A native of Taiwan, Chin began her career with the Taiwan office of GolinHarris in … Continue reading

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Groupon takes on clones with the launch of China website

Discount company, Groupon moved into China with the launch of their website, This new website will begin service in Shanghai and Beijing initially, and then navigate its way through the rest of the market, already heavily occupied by clones … Continue reading

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Economic Prosperity keeps Chinese Citizens on Political Leash

Many people witnessing the Egypt protests and the overall Jasmine Revolution are now turning their heads towards China, wondering if they too will rise against government rule. However, they may be stuck waiting for a while due to the fact … Continue reading

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Microblogging campaign finds missing Children in China

A recent campaign in China to reunite families with their abducted children proves social media to be an extremely powerful tool. After three years of searching, Peng Gaofeng was reunited with his son Wenle, thanks to the social media campaign … Continue reading

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Parents Rein In Kids Gaming Activities in China.

I find myself nostalgic for the old days when we as children adventured through our yards and neighborhoods using our imagination as our guide. We climbed trees, played pretend or rode our bikes until the sun went down and our … Continue reading

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