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Kristie Hang holds a B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles, in Communication Studies and Asian Humanities and is currently finishing her Masters in the Broadcast Journalism program at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School of Journalism. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, she has lived in Hong Kong, traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia, and studied in Beijing at Tsinghua University as part of the Interuniversity Program for Advanced Chinese Studies. In addition to her current positions as a News Contributor at Annenberg Digital News and a Video Journalist with Annenberg Television News, her media experience includes internships with MTV Networks, CNN International, as well as with the Asia Pacific Institute, where she reported on Asian and Asian-American arts and entertainment. She also enjoys writing about food and travel at her blog, "I Eat Therefore I Am" ( She is fluent in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin and whatever is left from four years of spanish.

Large Number of Students Turn to Sperm Banks For Money

Desperate times has called for desperate measures and a shift in cultural attitude for some Chinese. According to the an article by the South China Morning Post, sperm donation has become so popular among university students. According to the Guangdong sperm … Continue reading

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Forget about Gold, Salt is the Hottest Commodity

In wake of the radiation generated from the devastating tsunami in Japan, Hong Kong and Chinese residents have gone into a buying frenzy of salt triggered by rumors that iodized salt could help guard against radiation poisoning. Radiation fears over … Continue reading

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Will $6000 Keep You Happy?

How does an extra $6000 sound? On Wednesday the HK government announced its plan to give 6,000 Hong Kong dollars (US$770) to all adult permanent residents along with tax cuts for all tax payers. The handout replaces an earlier plan … Continue reading

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Say “I Do” with Ronald McDonald

For $1,280, blushing brides and grooms in Hong Kong can now have their wedding or reception at McDonalds. According to the NY Times, ever since Hong Kong changed a law to allow for weddings held outside of places of worship … Continue reading

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Wangfujing-censored on China’s Internet

Chinese authorities put their foot down this weekend at one of the biggest tourist attractions in Beijing: Wang Fu Jing Street. Hundreds of policemen and plain clothed officers showed up to block any “Egypt-style” protests. Reports said telecom companies blocked … Continue reading

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A Tax on Babes美女稅

A tax on babes? It may not be as crazy at it sounds.  Independent scholar and author Luo Tianhao, suggested a idea that has been generating a lot of buzz as of lately: A tax on babes/cute girls. As off … Continue reading

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Using Social Media To Find Missing Children

Social Media is has become a new resource in China, paving the way in reuniting families of abducted children. Since the beginning of the month there has been a new blaze of interest in solving child abduction cases, thanks to … Continue reading

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Let’s Make Snow

Chinese meteorologists covered Beijing in snow Sunday according to the state media reports. Meteorologist seeded the clouds to bring winter weather to the capital in an effort to combat a lingering drought.The man-made snow covered the Beijing from Sunday morning … Continue reading

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Will Naked Pictures Mean End of A Career?

Naked pictures of Chinese model Gong Runmin has been circulated throughout the web this week. However, unlike in the West, naked pictures in Hong Kong and China can many times mean an end to one’s career. Gong, a previous model … Continue reading

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Luxury Man Purses-The Murse!

Call it what you want-man purse or satchel but the wealthier Chinese are eating it up. Men represent 45% of the $1.2-billion market for all luxury handbags in China, according to Victor Luis, president of Coach Retail International. That figure … Continue reading

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