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Meng (Elyse) Wang is a double-degree master student studying Global Media and Communications at University of Southern California and London School of Economics. Meng received her B.A. in Broadcasting Journalism from Fudan University based in Shanghai, China. During 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Meng worked as an intern in Phoenix TV, editing and dubbing daily program. When she was a sophomore, she spent two months living and working in Tibet, made a documentary about the losing culture of Tibetan Wine. Meng had abundant experience of interacting with people from diverse cultures. In 2007 she received full scholarship of a multi-cultural program called The Scholar Ship, beginning her cruise-based trip around the world. In the journey she studied intercultural communication and travelled around the world with 200 other students from more than 35 countries. The ship departed from Hong Kong, went to more than 10 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Shanghai Auto Show opens: the largest ever

(Picture from Xinhuanet, all rights reserved) After two days of media’s preview, Shanghai Auto Show opens to public on this Thursday. According to official statistics, 150,000 visitors visited the show on the first public day and have reached 700,000 visitors so … Continue reading

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Shanghai Luwan district Red Cross ate $1522 for a meal

Chinese public once again were enraged by the exposure of organizations spending large amount of public money on recreation. This time is Red Cross, where people’s donation goes to. An invoice was disclosed on Weibo showing that Shanghai Luwan district … Continue reading

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Forget about GDP, let’s talk about GDH

(Be happy: Jin Juhua kisses her husband Zhong Weiqiao Photograph: Guo Bin/EPA) China’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) first development strategy has rocketed the economic figure in the past decades. Since the evaluation of government officials and their promotions mainly depend … Continue reading

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Lenovo launches LePad: welcome to the tablet war

When Chinese consumers are still looking forward to buying iPad 2 in china, Lenovo’s LePad was on sale on March 28. After major electronics companies like Dell, Samsung and Motorola have all released tablets to compete with Apple, Lenovo joins the … Continue reading

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David Liu: the 50-year young man in Weber Shandwick

(Picture from David Liu’s blog, all rights reserved) David Liu, also known as Xiping Liu in Chinese PR industry, is attributed to a decade of strong growth across Weber Shandwick’s China operations. He is the managing director of Weber … Continue reading

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How Shuanghui manages crisis public relations after pork scandal

(First statement made by Shuanghui Group) On March 15, media disclosed Shuanghui uses Clenbuterol-tainted pork in their products. As the largest meat processor in China, Shuanghui Group renews the food safety fear in China and now it suffers form sales decline … Continue reading

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Weibo tells how Chinese people react to Japan’s tragedy

Once a catastrophe happens, it triggers compassion of all human beings based on shared common of humanity. Whereas for Chinese people, things always become sophisticated if it happens in Japan. The invasion in World War II, the refusing of apology … Continue reading

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Broadcast and online media in China

Broadcast in China Now China has more than 4000 TV stations with the largest population of audience. Each province has a satellite TV channel which can broadcast national wide. People in different places watch the local TV most because it’s … Continue reading

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The Apple is just growing bigger in China

(Picture from Reuters, all rights reserved) The Apple event of unveiling Ipad2 has excited Chinese Apple fans. The new ipad2 will be sold in U.S. on March 11 and 26 more countries on March 25., which is not including China. … Continue reading

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Have a cup of Jasmine Tea in the police station?

(Picture from Reuters, all rights reserved) In mainland China, if someone is detained or inquired in the police station, people call it ‘being invited to have a cup of tea in police station’. In this case of Jasmine Revolution, it’s … Continue reading

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