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Technology In The Classroom: Ms. Sujata Bhatt Strives For More

It’s Thursday afternoon and after the final bell rings and all her kids leave, Ms. Sujata Bhatt is finally blessed with an empty classroom. She sits down at her desk, looks at the clock and starts to pack her bag. … Continue reading

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Concussions: Not Just For Grown-Ups

Noah Harris lay motionless on the field during practice for his little-league football team, the Dearborn Tigers of Michigan.  Noah’s parents and coaches rushed over, but after taking a particularly tough hit, the 9-year-old tight end couldn’t speak to tell … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Times Continues to Push Boundaries At The Expense of Readers

It’s a tale as old as time-newspapers using up front page space for advertisements. Beginning in the 18th and 19th century, papers such as the St. Petersburg Times have run jaw dropping headlines along side of advertisements for department stores … Continue reading

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